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The Eastern Shore of Virginia

The Eastern Shore of Virginia is a 70 mile peninsula (from North to South) and approximately 5 miles wide and is situated at the southern most part of the Delmarva (Delaware- Maryland – Virginia ) peninsula. The Eastern shore is separated from the rest of Virginia by The Chesapeake Bay.

At the northern end of the Atlantic side is the beach community of Chincoteague, famous for its annual wild pony swim, gathered from Assateague Island and at the southern end of the Chesapeake Bay side rests the beach and golf cart community of Cape Charles, a historic railroad town (and home to Cape Charles Realty LLC).

The Chesapeake Bay is North America’s largest estuary. A vast and fragile ecosystem that extends through six states and empties into the Atlantic Ocean, the Chesapeake Bay region is a mosaic of land and water. Its ports, urban centers, suburbs, and farms are home to almost 17 million people; its streams, shores, and inlets nurture 3,600 plant and animal species. Early explorers like Captain John Smith described a wondrous productive Bay, with mountainous oyster reefs, masses of shad, rock-fish, and sturgeon, and thick meadows of underwater grasses.


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